Our Curriculum

We facilitate cognitive learning and individualized instruction.

The curriculum at our Montessori school is structured as an integrated approach to learning. As students progress through the grades, a diverse set of concepts are presented and reinforced. Children are given repeated opportunities to learn and grow overtime in order to solidify their knowledge. Children at our school have a greater opportunity to practice the skills being taught and this approach emphasizes the interconnected nature of learning.

Language Arts

In the Montessori classroom language arts encompasses all aspects of language: reading, writing, grammar, spelling, creative writing and oral presentation. Unlike traditional approaches to language learning the Montessori curriculum was developed by observing when children are hungry developmentally for each aspect of language learning.

Children at our Montessori school are taught when they have the greatest desire to learn each aspect of language.


The montessori curriculum leans heavily on a foundation of phonics and has three key compontents: a strong basis in phonics, comprehension through visualizing, and learning to understand meaning through contextual clues. Our school combines phonics and reading with a sensory appraoch to learning pioneered by Montessori with modern methods for phonetic learning. Children learn to bring words together and encode sentences before they decode the sentence.


Maria Montessori felt that our entire civilization is based on mathematics. Using math leads to a deeper understanding of the natural patterns and laws that govern our environment. Our school focuses on a “sensitive period” during a child’s development at ages 3-6 when they develop conceps such as size, quantity, measurement and counting. Our math curriculum begins with concrete ideas and moves towards more abstract thought patterns as children move through the grades.


At Marina Montessori we help children develop a desire to learn the Spanish language and culture. Developing a second language at a young age vastly improves second language comprehension later in life. We believe a second language is critical to the learning process of any developing child.

Dance Classes

Dance is a fun and energetic activity, your kids will love the group dance activities at our Montessori school. Not only will dancing help your child get the exercise they need, we also teach a variety of dance styles which improves coordination, rhythm and concentration. Dance classes are fun, but also help develop a more creative mindset. Focus and discipline are important aspects of dance, we hope to infuse some these concentrations and more through our dance classes.

Art Classes

Our Montessori approach to art serves a higher purpose: to support and nurture a child’s creative development. They can take as much time on their work as they need, incorporating skill sfrom previous lessons, collaborating with others and taking risks. Our method helps develop concentration and refines your child’s motor skills. Artwork in a Montessori is never compared, graded or critqued by adults; children are fully free to express themselves.


Music is a universal language, it connects children and adults of all cultures. Children are uninhibited and have a natural inclination to dance, move and make music. In our Montessori classroom musical activites are included in the daily structure. Our teachers integrate music into the everday activities of our students through movement, song, instruments and music apprecation.

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